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2018 Rootstock Varieties & Prices

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VARIETY  CLONE DNA tested Comment Price per 100 - TBA
101-14 SAVII 01 yes Was 123-3HT, Heat Treated  
3309 Couderc SAVII 44 yes     
Dogridge SAVII 01 yes Was A6V8 Heat Treated       
1616 Couderc SAVII 107 yes A9V21 ex WA Heat Treated  
Harmony A10V7 yes       
5BB Kober 13-45-5 yes        
5BB Kober  A10V19 yes    
5BB Kober (5A) A3V13 yes    
779 Paulsen C8V7 yes       
1103 Paulsen 200HT yes        
1103 Paulsen  SAVII 01 yes Was 200HT, Heat Treated     
Ramsey V1 yes    
Ramsey SAVII 01 yes Was A11V2, Heat Treated     
99 Richter SAVII 01 yes Was 2-9-285, Heat Treated  
110 Richter SAVII 01   Was Requena, Heat Treated       
110 Richter  Q554-01 yes         
Riparia Gloire SAVII 45 yes    
140 Ruggeri  SAVII 01 yes Was Q45-3A, Heat Treated  
Schwarzmann SAVII 01 yes Was WA5, Heat Treated  
SO4 94 yes    
5C Teleki  SAVII 01 yes Was A6V18 Heat Treated   


DNA test has been conducted on a vine in our source block and the result has confirmed variety

SAVII - South Australian Vine Improvement Commitee Incorporated



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