Clonal Trials

Clonal Trials

Within a single grape variety there is a range of genetic differences expressed by their growth habit, bunch and berry character. In viticulture, a clone is defined as genetically uniform material derived from a single individual mother vine and propagated by vegetative means such as cuttings. All subsequent generations of vines will remain identical unless a spontaneous bud mutation occurs with an altered, genetic makeup.

The range of vinifera clones available through RVIC, is the result of many years of extensive clonal selection work. This work has been carried out by numerous individuals, companies, industry groups and Government agencies in South Australia, interstate and overseas.

However, there is still a significant amount to be learnt about the performance of many of these clones under local conditions.

The RVIC Clonal Trials were established in 2003-2004 and are listed below. Results from these trials will continue to build on the knowledge available.


Chardonnay 10 clones
Riesling 12 clones
Verdelho 5 clones
Malbec 6 clones
Semillon 12 clones
Muscat Blanc 3 clones
Cabernet Sauvignon - 12 clones
Gewurtztraminer 3 clones
Merlot 7 clones
Shiraz 21 clones