Cutting Services

Cutting Services

Standard Services

Each bundle of 100 cuttings is labeled. Labels identify variety, clone, certification status and source

Hydration water is chlorinated and treated with disinfectant to prevent the accumulation of water borne pathogens. Cuttings are delivered to the depot daily for hydration. Vinifera receive 1hr min Rootstocks receive 12–14 hrs.

Orders are packed into plastic lined containers to prevent dehydration while in cold storage. Each container is labeled with a stock note identifying the customer and the contents. Containers are placed into cold storage awaiting dispatch.

Cold Storage
Coldroom temperature is set at 3°c and logged constantly. Customers may leave their vines in RVIC’s coldroom for a short period of time. (Please refer to Optional Services).

Cold storage is at no charge up until 31st of August, after this dates additional charges will occur.

Cost: $110.00 per 1000 (+GST)

WARNING: The longer vines remain in cold storage without the appropriate fungicide protection, the greater the risk of fungal infection occurring.

RVIC is not responsible for the deterioration of untreated cuttings left in cold storage.


Optional Services

Fungicide Treatment
Recommended for material that is intended for cold storage for over 1 month. Extends cold storage time to 28th November RVIC will dispose of material not collected by this date, unless otherwise arranged.

Cost: $30 per 1000 (+GST)

Hot Water Treatment
RVIC’s equipment is tested annually By ISO9001-2 certified agency in accordance with NATA traceability for compliance to AS2853. Temperatures are logged for every batch. Hot water treatment is mandatory for most interstate plant movement. 

Cost: $60 per 1000 (+GST)

Interstate Plant Movement Certificate
Certificates are mandatory for most states. Where necessary, please indicate on your order form. If you are unsure of the current regulations applicable to your area, please enquire with your Dpt. Of Primary Industries

Cost: $130.00 per certificate(+GST)

If you are unable to pick up your material in person, you will need to indicate your delivery address and preferred method of dispatch on your order form. RVIC can then make the necessary arrangements to deliver your material. Freight and postage charges are charged at cost and are additional.