Rootstock Cuttings

Rootstock Cuttings

The Rootstock vines are purpose grown with optimum irrigation and nutrition to produce high quality cuttings suitable for bench grafting. Great care is taken to ensure a consistently high quality product is supplied.

Where do the cuttings come from?

The RVIC Rootstocks are sourced from the “McCreanor Block”. These plantings were established in 1989 and now total over 30ha comprising 22 varieties. The McCreanor Block has the capacity to produce in excess of 3 million first grade cuttings annually.

Rootstock Collection & Specifications

The cutters have special cutting criteria they must adhere to.
Length is measured from the base cut to the top of the cutting without consideration for the position of the top bud. The base cut is made within 1 to 5cm of the base bud. Diameter is measured approx 5cm below the top of the cutting.
The cuttings are then quality checked, counted and carefully labelled for daily delivery to depot.

Benchgraft (BG) grade is suitable for benchgrafting and planting to pots or field nursery.

Thin is suitable for benchgrafting of thin vinifera to pots and field nursery.

Rootstock Benchgraft >350mm 5.0 to 11.0mm N/A
Rootstock Thin >350mm 4.0 to 6.0mm N/A