Planting Guide

Planting Guide

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Planting guide

All information contained within this fact sheet should be used as a guide only, and variances may occur under different site conditions and management practices.

Planting guide for dormant vines including own roots

Timing of planting

The vines early establishment will maximise the length of the growing season and the potential for its development.  However, issues such as extended weed control, water logging, low temperatures and the risk of frost need to be considered when deciding to plant vines.                                       

For most regions and sites throughout South Australia, the ideal time to plant dormant vines is from mid-September through to mid-October.                             

Vines should preferably be planted on cool and calm days, ideally prior to the hot and dry part of the season. Ensure vines are adequately hydrated immediately following planting to ensure best chance of survival and to minimise stress.

Dry soils will wick planting moisture away from newly planted vines very quickly leaving those vines without the moisture reserves required to get off to a good start.


Vines should be planted as soon as possible once received.

Dormant Rootling’s or Grafted Vines

Once received from the nursery and prior to planting the vines root system may need to be trimmed back.

As a guide, the roots can be trimmed to a length of between 5 cm and 12 cm depending on the method used for planting.

For example,

o   For machine planting the roots can be trimmed towards the shorter end at approximately 5 cm

o   For water jet and shovel planting they can be trimmed to approximately 12 cm

If the roots are trimmed towards the longer end it is important to ensure that they are orientated downwards during planting.  This can be achieved by pushing the vine into the hole until it hits the base, then lifting upwards slightly. 

If planting by shovel or water jet, once the vine has been placed in the hole, shovel or scrape topsoil around the base of the vine and press firmly to expel all air pockets from around roots.

Approximately 20 cm of the trunk should be below the soil surface.